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Sex Hormones for Joyous Life

In the middle of winter passing through its equinox, bed sheets feel bleak and body shivers at dawning. The other side of the coin, for many of us, winter is the season that brings people together and loved ones to curdle. Humans are naturally drawn to desire intimacy, which is human biology and sociology to exist through reproduction through sexual intimacy. And medical researches support sex for health and the health benefits of sex go beyond orgasm for both women and men.

To mention a few from numerous medical literatures, sex improves sleep, eases daily stress, boosts immune system by increasing immunoglobulin A, enhances mood thus helps with anxiety and depression, and lowers blood pressure. For women, sex reduces pain and for men it promotes prostate health. Secrete lies in hormones. During sex, your body massively secreted hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, endorphin in additional to sex hormones like testosterone and estradiol. Testosterone and estradiol can be helpful with sexual motivation for both men and women as it increases brain responses to sexual cues. Oxytocin, known as social bonding hormone, has shown to improve orgasm during sex.

So knowing and balancing hormones make sense to help you with your sexual functions. However, sexual desire and arousal problems might not be commonly discussed at your doctor’s visit. But I often come across women and men with those problems perhaps because I have provided bio-identical hormone replacement and studied on the topic for over ten years.

In my practice, I take personalized approach for each patient by using different hormones, herb and medicine to resolve their sex-related issues from low desire to better satisfaction. They are easy to adapt and safe. Considering the benefits of sex and quality of life, enhancing sexual life should gain well-deserved medical attention. If you think you can use some help, reach out to me.

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