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Could it be B12 deficiency? -Dr. Mi-Jung Lee, ND/LAc

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

B12 vitamin is essential for your body to function in health. Its deficiency can present a wide range of symptoms as B12 affects on your nerve and brain system, detox system and DNA making process. A good example from history is Mary Todd Lincoln. She was controversial during Lincoln’s presidency, which was also during Civil War, with her lavish spending on her clothing and decorating the White House. Following unfortunate series of life events, she became more demented and finally hospitalized by her son. Every medical diagnosis was postulated about her, from Lyme diseases to chronic fatigue syndrome. In his book “The Mary Lincoln Mind-Body Sourcebook: Including an Unifying Diagnosis to Explain Her Public Decay, Manifest Insanity and Slow Death”, Dr. John Soto proposed his theory that Mary could have a severe form of B12 deficiency, Pernicious anemia, after carefully reviewing records of her symptoms: weakness, fatigue, fevers, headaches, gait problems, rapid heartbeat, mouth soreness, swelling, vision trouble, irritability, depression and delusion. B12 deficiency now is easily diagnosed with simple blood test but it wasn’t the case in Mary Lincoln’s era. It was not until 1874 that Pernicious anemia was appeared in medical literature. At that time, treatment was a half-pound of raw liver daily! But now we have B12 tablet, capsule, lozenge and most effectively muscular injection! One of my teachers used to joke that you can die from B12 overdose only by drowning after filling it in your bathtub! I think he was emphasizing the safety of B12. With this safety profile, B12 injection has been very popular for decades among many people to gain their daily energy and maintain health. Consult with Dr. Lee if you might be deficient in B12.

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